Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Google Earth Integration Story: The Data

OK, So I had the GIS location of some of my companies properties, I thought it was latitude and longitude, but I was wrong.
I could program in Java and I could extract the data into this KML xml structure, that was to be my first project.
I created the KML OK, but the x and y co-ordinates didn't work.
After a lot of fluffing around the internet I realised that the projection was wrong, I was using NZMG projections, not wgs84 latitude and longitude.
It was a world of hurt to convert it, so I finally imported it into postgis and converted it using the standard postgis functions.
I now know that Oracle has the GIS locator class, which would be an easy way to do this complex function, but this was the first mechanism I found to do it myself.
So, I suceeded in getting all the properties into a postgres database so I could use java to extract the kml; hooray!.
I had placemarks all over my Google Earth, although it was a bit slow with so many in the one file.

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