Monday, July 16, 2007

Forever minus a day Copyright, splutter splutter!

I came across a breath of fresh-air today, courtesy of Groklaw latest news picks .

Rufus Pollock has written a paper analyzing the optimal level for copyright in the current technological environment to balance the financial incentives to the author/publisher and the public, Forever Minus a Day? Some Theory and Empirics of Optimal Copyright.

This gives a bit more ammunition to offset the power of the entertainment lobby which constrains culture with their need to control their content mercilessly.

This control of culture and our more broadly our physical lives by corporations is one of the worst evils in the world today, not that I can do anything about it of course ;)

The corporations are somewhat forced into it by the imperative to maximise their profits at the expense of culture, environment, customers, employees, ethics and government. It is a fundamental weakness of the checks and balances in our capitalist/democratic/consumerist society.

More later.

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